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How Philly Works

How Philly Works: Complete Guide 

Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of American Democracy. However, many Philadelphians feel disconnected from their government, leaving many questions and concerns. How Philly Works is dedicated to helping citizens navigate the rules and role of city government.

How Philly Works: The Mayor and Key Issues

The mayor plays a key role in a variety of issues that impact residents' quality of life. In many ways, they can make decisions and deploy resources at will. But the mayor's power is also limited -- by state and federal law, labor contracts, and by other elected offices including City Council. See Seventy's four new infographics on the mayor's role several key issue areas:

These resources were made possible by the generous support of the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, with special thanks to Jeanne Maier of 12 Squared Design and the several subject-matter experts who reviewed this material.