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Voting Rights
Lesson 1: Is the right to vote guaranteed?
It's not as simple as you think. (20 minutes)
Voting Rights
Lesson 2: The Constitution, Federal Law, and Voting Rights
The right to vote has been won for different groups throughout U.S. history. (45 minutes)
Voting Rights
Lesson 3: Voting Rights History and Current Legislation
Bills making it easier or harder to vote are still debated today. (45 minutes)
Political Parties
Lesson 1: Ideology and Party
What issues matter to you? Does a political party align with your views? (45 minutes)
Political Parties
Lesson 2: Voter Registration
Get ready to vote yourself. First, you have to register. (30 minutes)
Cast Your Ballot
Lesson 1: Election Law and Mail-In Voting
Students learn about state election laws and the debate around mail ballots. (45 minutes)
Cast Your Ballot
Lesson 2: The different ways to cast your vote
Students prepare to cast their real or mock ballots. Which way will they prefer to vote? (10 minutes)
Cast Your Ballot
Lesson 3: Applying for a Mail-In Ballot
Students learn the process of applying for a mail ballot. This lesson should be done 4-6 weeks before the election. (20 minutes)