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Our Impact

A Legacy of Political Progress

The Committee of Seventy was established to improve the voting process, combat corruption, and engage citizens in the democratic process. We are the only independent, nonpartisan organization in the region pursuing these goals — and the oldest and largest in Pennsylvania.

2022 Impact Report
Learn more about Seventy’s impact on the 2022 Election Cycle and our year-round work to encourage active civic engagement in Pennsylvania.

Safeguarding Elections

We advocate for policies that protect the integrity of voters and the elections. Our Democracy Agenda outlines policy recommendations for our next mayor and City Council to ensure a more representative, ethical, and accountable city government. 

Our Poll Worker Recruitment and Training Program works to ensure there are enough trained poll workers across the Commonwealth. Through our outreach initiatives this year, we recruited more than 1000 poll workers directly through our work and thousands more through partnerships with Power to the Polls and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania

"Seventy fills an important role as a trusted source of vital nonpartisan, non-political information at a time when voters are so often the target of misinformation around elections."
-- Al Schmidt, Former C70 President & CEO

Preparing and Protecting the Voters of Pennsylvania

America doesn’t work if people can’t vote. Seventy has been a champion of voters since our inception. Whether we’re preparing voters for changes to election laws such as the Voter ID Coalition in 2011 and mail-in voting in 2020, or overhauling the way Philly runs their elections after widespread disenfranchisement in 2012 — we are, and forever will be, on the side of the voter.

2020 Impact Report
C70's 2020 Impact Report chronicles our critical work during one of the most consequential elections in our nation's history.

Celebrating the Power of the Vote 

We organize high-power events to encourage voting. In 2022, we hosted National Voter Registration Day, National Vote Early Day, and Party at the Polls celebrations to get out the vote in all corners of Philadelphia. 

"The future of Seventy is providing education that allows people to empower themselves and their communities - to hold their officials accountable to the promise they made during campaigns, and demand more from their government."
-- Lauren Cristella, Interim President & Chief Operating Officer

Creating a Culture of Voting 

We saw tremendous growth in our WeVote program in 2022 as we expanded the program statewide. Our program now includes over 100 partner organizations, reaching well over 1000 different businesses, organizations, and community groups across Pennsylvania.