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C70 Statement on the Attack Against Frmr. Pres. Trump

There is no place for violence in our politics and we stand with the overwhelming majority of Americans who share that belief. C70 has excellent resources that help people work out their differences without violence.

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How Philly Works

Our new How Philly Works guide is here. Get to know the rules and roles of city government all with one comprehensive guide.

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WeVote is our campaign to galvanize the business and nonprofit community, media partners, and government and religious institutions to promote a culture of voting and civic participation in their organizations.

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Educating Future Voters

C70 is investing in the future of Pennsylvania's democracy. We have a host of different programs for youth, from kindergarten to college, to engage in government and civics.

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Committee of Seventy is a trusted voice.

In the darkness of deep division, partisan political conflict, where Americans are vulnerable to mis- and dis-information, the Committee of Seventy is a bright light, a trusted voice.

Ended cash gifts

Philadelphia's elected officials and employees can no longer accept cash gifts, thanks in large measure to Seventy's vigilance in advocating for this common sense reform. We're working to do the same at the state level.

Slayed the gerrymander

Through Draw the Lines PA, the largest outpouring of hands-on citizen mapping in the history of our country, we gave thousands of citizens the power to draw their own maps and inform the upcoming formal process for drawing congressional, legislative and city council maps.

Banned ultra-rich pension bonuses

Seventy prompted Pennsylvania to ban ultra-rich pension bonuses for elected officials in Philadelphia and across the state.

Educated voters

Seventy led a non-partisan statewide coalition of 185 groups to educate voters on how to be prepared for voter ID rules.
Latest Video
October 10, 2023
Poll Worker Forum with Philadelphia City Commissioners
The Committee of Seventy spoke with City Commissioners and poll workers about the importance of poll working in our democracy.
Latest Updates
July 14, 2024
C70 Statement on the Attack Against Frmr. Pres. Trump
C70 condemns this violent attack and calls on leaders across all ideologies and sectors to speak out against violence publicly and in no uncertain terms.

Learn the Five Habits

Voting is necessary but not sufficient. A thriving democracy requires active participation, so we have a checklist of five research-based habits that helps you be an effective, active citizen. 

Be a Voter

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Seventy provides everything you need to be an informed and effective voter. Check your registration, find your polling place, apply to vote by mail, and much more.

Invite Diverse Perspectives

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Seventy helps communities and organizations hold civil discourses about challenging political issues to promote constructive dialogue.

Choose Your News Wisely

A newspaper
Navigating today’s media landscape isn’t easy. Discover the best tools to help you tell facts from fiction and maintain a healthy media diet.

Learn How it Works

A voter ballot
Learn how elections work, how government operates, and what you need to know to fully participate as an active citizen.


Person with "I Voted" sticker
Being an informed voter is the first step towards active citizenship. Go one step further by advocating for change, volunteering, becoming a poll worker, or even running for office.
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Knowing who is elected to represent you is the first step in making your voice heard and making meaningful change in your community. Click here to discover who represents you at every level of government.


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Get to know your community by attending a C70 event. Connect with elected officials and other like-minded individuals advocating for democracy!


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Work with us to improve the voting process, inform citizens and increase participation in your neighborhood, community, school or work place.



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Committee of Seventy played an integral role in the 2022 election cycle.
Learn more about our work to safeguard elections and educate voters during the most recent election cycle.