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Voting 101

Everything You Need to Be a Voter

We believe that when more people vote, democracy wins. Learn more about when to vote, where to vote, who you’re voting for, what your voting rights are, why your vote matters, and how to register through Seventy’s Voting 101 resources. 

Voting Resources
Find out how to register to vote, where to cast your ballot, who represents you locally, and even how to run for office yourself.
2024 Election Calendar
To help voters and candidates plan ahead, Seventy has created a 2024 election calendar with all the important dates and deadlines for this year’s primary and general elections. Seventy also provides important dates and deadlines for New Jersey and Delaware residents.
Find Your Polling Place
Once you know when you’re voting, knowing where you’re voting is an important next step, and polling places may change from election to election. We provide resources that help you locate your polling place, check its hours, and break down what documentation you may need in order to vote there.
Voter Rights and Responsibilities
Voting is a right, but it is also a responsibility. Seventy provides a list of rights and responsibilities that every registered voter is entitled to under the law, along with access to resources and contact information needed to report issues or problems encountered in the voting process.
Voter Registration
Before you can vote, you have to register. The Department of State lays out everything you need to know about how to register, when to register, registering after a move, and much more.
Voter Accessibility
Voting is a right. But for seniors, people with disabilities, and those facing language barriers, that right is threatened without proper access to voting services. Learn how Seventy and other advocates are fighting to make voting equitable and accessible for everyone in Pennsylvania.
Voter ID
In Pennsylvania, voter ID is required for first-time voters or those voting in a new division. Learn about approved forms of ID along with information regarding the state’s other Voter ID laws.
Voter Experience Survey
The Voter Experience Survey gathers data about voter experience at the polls and shares those results with advocacy organizations, the media, and the general public to inform discussion about needed election improvements.
Past Election Results
Find the results of previous local and state primary, general and special elections dating back to the early 2000s.
Build Your Ballot
Know what you're voting for before heading to the polls. Learn about every office, measure and candidate by creating your own ballot through Seventy’s customized digital tool.

"Know Before You Go"

This handout explains everything a voter needs to know about their polling place before Election Day, including the general rights and responsibilities of voters and poll workers.

How To Navigate a BallotEngine Voter Guide

How To Navigate a BallotEngine Voter Guide

Philadelphia Voter Guides 


These easy-to-use voter guides provide Philadelphians with step-by-step instructions on how to register to vote, research what is on their ballot, and successfully cast their vote. The voter guides are now available in 9 different languages.