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Social Media Policy

Commenting Policy

The Committee of Seventy works to engage and inform Pennsylvanians on complex issues, and we encourage social media interactions that move our online community towards this goal. We can only achieve this goal and improve our democracy with civil conversations amongst people with diverse viewpoints, especially online. Therefore, we ask that all comments posted to our social media platforms be civil, open-minded and constructive. 

In order to engage as many people and viewpoints as we can our policy is to accept the majority of comments made to our profiles. However, comments or links that contain the following are subject to removal:

  • Vulgar, obscene or abusive language or images;

  • Personal attacks, unsupported accusations, defamation or threats of any kind;

  • Offensive terms targeted at specific groups, persons, or political parties;

  • Advertisements or language focused primarily on promoting commercial interests or services; or

  • Spam or subject matter that is unrelated, in any way, to Seventy’s nonpartisan mission, good government or public policy.

Only comments that comply with this policy will be allowed on our social media platforms. Any comment that does not will be removed, and repeated violations may result in the author being blocked from posting on our social media profiles. We will not edit comments.

Please note that the comments posted to our platforms represent the opinions of the individuals providing the comment and not the views, positions or policies of the Committee of Seventy, its staff, or Board Members.

While we understand that social media is a 24/7 platform, we can only do our best to moderate comments during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. As we may not see every inappropriate comment right away, we are confident in the good will and commitment of our online community to help us maintain this policy. Please contact us immediately if you believe a posted comment violates this policy.

This social media comment policy is subject to change at any time to ensure it reflects its intended purpose.

If you have questions about the social media comment policy or how we apply it, please contact us at

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