Learn the Five Habits
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Learn the Five Habits

Be an Engaged Citizen

The future of American democracy will be decided by citizens who are informed, engaged and empowered to take action. Civic engagement unites people through a shared purpose where ideas can be exchanged, solutions can be found, and civilized discourse can prevail in order to address important issues that we all face on a local, state, and national level.

The Five Habits of Active Citizenship
Your life is the sum of your habits. What you repeatedly do ultimately forms the person you are and the things you believe. For citizens who want to engage with our democracy year-round, we have narrowed down a checklist of five research-based habits that anyone can follow in order to be a more active participant in the electoral process.
Be a Voter
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Being a voter is the most important thing you can do to actively engage with our democracy. From registering to vote, to finding your polling place, to voting from home — Seventy provides everything you need to be an informed and effective voter.
Invite Diverse Perspectives
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In order to progress as a society, Americans need to be able to have productive conversations about challenging political issues. Seventy helps communities and organizations hold these civil discourses while also providing videos, resources and reading lists that depolarize issues and promote constructive dialogue.
Choose Your News Wisely
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Navigating today’s media landscape isn’t easy. Discover the best tools to help you tell fact from fiction and maintain a healthy media diet.
Learn How it Works
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Learn how elections work, how government operates, how a bill becomes a law, the roles of our elected officials, and what you need to know to cast your ballot and fully participate as an active citizen.
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Being an informed voter is the first step towards active citizenship. Go one step further by donating, volunteering, becoming a poll worker, or even running for office. Learn all the ways you can fully engage with your local democracy through Seventy.
Join Us
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Since 1904, we’ve worked to make voting easier and ensure your vote counts. You can help continue this critical work by becoming a member.
Partner with Us
Turn your colleagues into voters by partnering with Seventy to build a successful civic engagement campaign within your organization.