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event/Open to the Public
2016 Apps for Philly Democracy Hackathon
Seventy's partnering with the City of Philadelphia on Code for Philly's second annual Apps for Philly Democracy Hackathon, March 18-20.
event/Open to the Public
2016 Election Returns Watch Party at City Diner
City Diner is the place to be after the polls close on Nov. 8th!
news/Letters & Testimony
A Message from CEO David Thornburgh on the Challenges of the Times
by David Thornburgh President and CEO Committee of Seventy
news/Press Releases
All Voters Vote in HD 190 Special Election
But independents to be shut out of April presidential primary
event/Open to the Public
American Experiments on July 25
The best ideas from America's civic tech and political reform communities to help reinvigorate democracy in the US were showcased in American Experiments on July 25.
news/Press Releases
BallotReady and Committee of Seventy to Pilot New Voter Tool for Philadelphia Elections in 2017
BallotReady’s New CivicEngine helps prepare voters for Election Day
news/Press Releases
Bipartisan Open Primaries Legislation Introduced
BIPARTISAN OPEN PRIMARIES LEGISLATION INTRODUCED Proposal would allow 900,000 independent voters to vote on candidates in taxpayer-funded primary elections
news/Press Releases
Blue Ribbon Commission on Election Security Issues Final Report
Report urges voter-marked paper-ballot systems for 2020 elections
Bodine HS Students Interview State Rep. Mary Louise Isaacson
Students from Mr. de Arana's Social Science class interviewed Rep. Isaacson about school funding and other public policy issues.
event/Open to the Public
Born to Run: A Beginner's Guide to Running for Office
Ever wonder how lesser-known candidates fund their campaigns? Wondering what being in office is really like? Or just wondering how to get your own campaign up and running?