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Buchholz Fellow Sandy Vogel interview with George Twardy
George Twardy is a Municipal Court Judicial Candidate for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in the May 18th, 2021 primary.
Buchholz Fellow Sandy Vogel Interviews Bucks Co. Controller Candidate Andy Warren
Andy Warren, Republican Candidate for Bucks County Controller, tells viewers about himself and why he's looking to run.
C70 Call to Action
Many say our political polarization is the worst it’s ever been, that corruption is rampant, that they don’t know who to trust. But we don’t have to feel this way. Because the people who make democracy happen—who run elections and staff polling places and work every day to make our union more perfect—they’re us. They’re you. Join us. And let’s get to work.
C70 CEO David Thornburgh Interviews Philadelphia City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart
Rebecca Rhynhart is the Philadelphia City Controller and the first woman to be elected to the position. As City Controller she is Philadelphia’s chief auditor and independent financial watchdog.
C70 Civic Engagement Consultant, Megan Smith, Interview with Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson was a Democratic Judicial Candidate for Philadelphia Municipal Court.
C70 Conversation with Sen. Anthony H. Williams
Anthony Williams, the 8th District's State Senator, sits down with David Thornburgh to discuss how the Commonwealth should respond to the corruption charges issued against John Dougherty and Bobby Henon.
C70 Conversation with Sen. Art Haywood
Art Haywood is a Pennsylvania State Senator, representing the 4th district. David Thornburgh interviews Sen. Haywood on the recent corruption incidents involving John Dougherty and Bobby Henon.
C70 Fellow Cassidy Martin Interviews Commonwealth Court Judicial Candidate Lori Dumas
Commonwealth Court Judicial Candidate Lori Dumas talks with the Committee of Seventy about her candidacy and what her experience can do to improve the Court.
C70 Interview with Michael Lambert
Live from Studio C70, hear from Municipal Court Judicial candidate Michael Lambert as he speaks with C70's Civic Engagement Consultant Megan Smith.
C70 Letter to the PA House of Representatives Opposing HB38
To those who value our system of checks and balances, House Bill 38 contemplates a fundamentally different relationship between the legislative and judicial branches wherein the former has unequal power over the latter. Such a change would irreparably and severely impair the governance of the Commonwealth, and would harm the independence and impartiality of our court system. C70 urges the PA House to not advance this proposed constitutional amendment and allow HB 38 to lapse at the end of this session.