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Issues Archive

Grades K-2
A Different Point of View
Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis
Grades 3-5
Young Citizens in Action
Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
Grades 3-5
Learning About Conflict and Compromise
The Day No One Played Together by Donalisa Helsely
Grades 6-8
The Vote!
Granddaddy’s Gift by Margaree King Mitchell
Grades 6-8
Becoming a Leader in Your Community
Carl the Complainer by Michelle Knudsen
2023 Women in Public Leadership Event
Hear from local female journalists Errin Haines, Sarah Glover, and Lisa Hughes on the role of the media in democracy.
Democracy Agenda for Philadelphia
The Democracy Agenda for Philadelphia outlines the actions needed by our next mayor and City Council to ensure a more representative and ethical city government—a more democratic city government responsive to voters, that protects the public interest, and that engages communities on key decisions shaping their future.
Council Redistricting
The 17-member Philadelphia City Council has a major role in the everyday lives of city residents. With Council districts being redrawn, now is the time to ensure residents can engage directly in the map-making process.