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City Hall Roll Call: September 30, 2021
Domb introduces proposal to make outdoor dining a permanent fixture in Philadelphia
City Hall Roll Call: October 7, 2021
Competing "Streeteries" legislation introduced
TODAY Is Election Day! Vote or return those mail-in ballots before 8pm
November 2, 2021
Election Day Wrap-up and Looking Forward to Future Elections
November 8, 2021
Elections and Voting
Elections and Voting
Seventy is an advocate for improving elections in Philadelphia and PA, and works tirelessly to educate and engage voters so they can confidently cast their ballot twice a year, every year.
Seventy advocates for fair district drawing to promote free, competitive elections.
Ethics and Money
Money in Politics
Seventy advocates for stronger campaign finance laws that promote transparency.
Taxes and Budget
Taxes and Budget
Seventy works to provide access to information on Philadelphia taxing and budgeting activities.