A Different Point of View
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A Different Point of View

Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis

Daft Bat is available as a YouTube read-aloud.

To Think About:

One thing that makes our country stand out is that we are all free to have our own point of view.  This freedom is found in our Constitution, our set of rules that guide everyone in our country. In the book Daft Bat the young wild animals think Bat is crazy because he has a different point of view. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think it is important for us to be willing to listen to different points of view, or do you think everyone should think alike?  Be prepared to support your answer.
  2. Think about the following Sticky Situation: A new student has joined your class.  When she first arrives, she tells the teacher that in her old school no one was allowed to bring any food into the school.  She thinks that should happen at this school too.  She says that having no food except from the lunchroom helped her school stay cleaner and free from trash and mice. Do you think the  new student has a good idea or not?  Be prepared to support your point of view. 
  3. Bat saw things differently than the other animals.  The other animals called her names and were afraid that she could be dangerous.  Bats do not come to our classrooms.  However, new students come who might look different from us, might dress differently than we do, might talk differently than we do, and more.  What do you think you might do to help everyone welcome a new student to your class who might be different from the other students?
  4. The animals needed Wise Owl to help them understand that Bat just had a different point of view.  Who could you ask to help you understand someone with a different point of view?

S.T.A.R. Card

Imagine that your principal is considering serving only one thing for lunch.  The principal feels that limiting what is served for lunch will make the lunch line go faster.  Do you think this is a good idea?  What reasons might you give for your point of view?

(Lesson developed by Anne Spector, C70's Lead Educator.)