S.T.A.R. Cards
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S.T.A.R. Cards

S.T.A.R. cards (Students Thinking and Acting Responsibly) are decks of cards that provide young students with discussion prompts on basic civic knowledge, practice with civil dialogue, and ways to be engaged community members. The cards empower students to share and deliberate different points of view on subjects relatable to them.

S.T.A.R. Cards are perfect in a morning meeting, a writing assignment, and more.
They support engaged civic learning where all students feel safe to participate. 

C70 offers two different sets of cards, one for students in grades K-3, and one for grades 4-8. Each deck comes with 36 cards.  These are FREE to use. Please contact us if you'd like a deck or two for your classroom.

View samples below.

S.T.A.R. Cards
These are just a sample of the discussions you can lead with your students.
Grades K-3
These cards are designed for our youngest learners.
Grades 4-8
These cards are designed for older elementary and middle school students.
Contact us to learn more
These cards are free for teachers to use in the classroom or parents to use at home.