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Democracy for Kids

Democracy is too valuable to only begin learning its core skills as an adult.

The Committee of Seventy has partnered with elementary and middle school educators to create programming that gives children basic civic skills, like respectful listening, creative inquiry and thinking, and community problem-solving. These programs illustrate many ways that young people can become engaged citizens in their community.

(Left) Anne Spector, an educator with C70's youth civics program, teaches youth in Philadelphia about how they can be involved in their community. (Photo courtesy of Taller Puertorriqueño through our partnership with Ceiba.)

Anne's work, through her STAR cards, reading list and discussion questions, professional development for teachers, and trainings for parents, has a decades-long track record of success. Her activities build basic civic knowledge, illustrate countless ways that young people can become citizens engaged in their home and school community, and provide practice in democratic deliberation.

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STAR cards
STAR (Students Thinking and Acting Responsibly) cards are a creation of a PA-based educator that prepare our youngest citizens to be informed and engaged.
Reading List and Discussion
We have an extensive reading list and discussion questions from age-appropriate children's books for students grades K-8 to help learn the basics of democratic deliberation.
What are elections? Why do they matter?
Get the basics from C70. Our election team can provide your students with the basics. These class periods, available virtually or in-person, are especially popular before the primary and general elections.
Teacher professional development
We offer professional development to K-8 teachers to introduce ways to promote civic literacy in their classrooms. Sessions could be available in hour-long or half-day sessions. Act 48 hours are available.
Parent trainings
Virtual workshops for parents introduce a rich list of books showing basic civic knowledge, compelling situations on how kids can create meaning with others who have a different point of view, and how the STAR cards can be used at home.