Taxes and Budget
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Taxes and Budget

Seventy works to provide access to information on Philadelphia taxing and budgeting activities.

What We're Doing

Seventy diligently monitors the City's taxing and budgeting activity year-round, and provides you with the resources to view that activity.

Why We Care

Nobody likes to pay taxes. Worse, nobody wants those tax dollars spent wastefully or fraudulently. Shining a spotlight on how the government spends your tax dollars is at the heart of Seventy’s watchdog mission.

How it Works

We diligently monitor City Hall year-round, particularly during budget season in the spring. Around this time, the Mayor proposes a spending plan for the next fiscal year. Subsequently, City Council holds a hearing on the proposed plan, amends it, and then adopts it.
Important Resources
Office of the Director of Finance
The Office of the Director of Finance is the chief agency responsible for Philadelphia’s finances, accounting, and budgeting within the executive branch of the city’s government.
Open Budget Tool
The Open Budget Tool provides a quick overview of the city’s budget for users to explore.
City Council's Budget Center
Philadelphia City Council’s Budget Center includes proposed operating and capital budgets for the city. Moreover, it provides hearing schedules, specific budget information, and testimony by department.
Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (PICA)
The Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (PICA) was established in 1991 to help Philadelphia recover from a severe financial crisis. The Board and staff at PICA continue to provide yearly oversight by reviewing and approving the city’s five-year financial plan.
Recent News

May 12, 2023

High School Students Choose Helen Gym, New Slate of City Council Members in PA Youth Vote Mock Election

Mock election brought hands-on voting to classrooms, encouraging future civic participation

May 08, 2023

Coverage Roundup: C70 Poll of the 2023 Mayor’s Race

Coverage of the first nonpartisan, public poll of the Philadelphia's mayor's race

April 28, 2023

First Public Poll Finds a Statistical Tie in Philadelphia’s 2023 Mayoral Race

With a plurality of voters — 20% — still undecided, the election’s results are far from predetermined.

April 20, 2023

Committee of Seventy and Partners to Issue First Public, Nonpartisan Poll in 2023 Mayor’s Race

The effort will highlight the impact that ranked-choice voting could have if implemented in Pennsylvania.

April 05, 2023

C70 joins forces with youth voter education organization, Vote That Jawn

The partnership unifies two of Pennsylvania's leaders in civic participation and expands C70’s existing mission to connect in new ways with youth and first-time voters.