Can We Talk? Lessons and Activities
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Can We Talk? Lessons and Activities

Lessons can be used together or individually. There are five organizing units, color-coded below. See our Table of Contents for suggested flow.

Unit 4 - What's the Problem?
The Kitchen Table Question
This exercise can help participants make an important discovery: that "their" key issues are not the only ones worth caring about, and that other people may frame a shared issue in a way very different from their own.
Unit 4 - What's the Problem?
The Friend's Dilemma
To spark a conversation among students about the pros and cons of the community where they live, one which will reveal how people can view the same set of facts in multiple ways. To help them see that exploring multiple perspectives on a situation is a great way to gain insights and develop solutions.
Unit 5 - What Can We Do?
How to Handle a Difficult Conversation
To help student understand the underlying nature of difficult conversations, and to give them tools to turn difficult conversations into productive ones, and even into opportunities for learning.