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October 30, 2020
Your Voice Matters: Answering Questions on Voter Intimidation
Lauren Cristella and Vanessa McGrath answer your questions about voter intimidation and election protection.
October 30, 2020
Philly Youth Vote gets involved: Interview with Dan Wassmer
Philly Youth Vote students from George Washington High School in Philadelphia interview DA Candidate Dan Wassmer
October 29, 2020 • Voting Rights
Interview with Amber McReynolds
Amber McReynolds, CEO, National Vote at Home Institute
October 29, 2020 • Elections and Voting
Chat with Commissioner Lisa Deely
Chat with Lisa Deely, the Chair of the City Commissioner
October 29, 2020
Poll Worker Q&A
Seventy's Patrick Christmas discusses common concerns, questions, and issues poll workers may face.
October 28, 2020
Philly Youth Vote and Studio C70: Interview with State Sen. Sharif Street
State Sen. Sharif Street is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate who has represented the 3rd district since 2017.
October 20, 2020 • Elections and Voting
Michael Smerconish Speaks at Seventy Minutes
This news magazine-style virtual event is exclusively available to Committee of Seventy guests. Just 15 days before the election, national commentators, pollsters, politicians, and historians joined in conversation to help us anticipate the Presidential election and what it means for America and the world.
October 20, 2020 • Elections and Voting
Delivering Democracy: Asma Khalid Speaks at Seventy Minutes
Asma Khalid, political correspondent for NPR and cohost of the NPR Politics Podcast, speaks at Seventy Minutes.
October 20, 2020 • Elections and Voting
Where America Needs to Go from Here: Michael Smerconish & Chuck Rosenberg Speak at Seventy Minutes
Michael Smerconish & Chuck Rosenberg Speak at Seventy Minutes
October 20, 2020 • Ethics and Money
Delivering Democracy: Charlie Dent Speaks at Seventy Minutes
Charlie Dent, Congressman, currently serving as a Senior Policy Advisor to DLA Piper, speaks at Seventy Minutes