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Delivering Democracy: Charlie Dent Speaks at Seventy Minutes

Charlie Dent, Congressman, currently serving as a Senior Policy Advisor to DLA Piper, speaks at Seventy Minutes

This news magazine-style virtual event is exclusively available to Committee of Seventy guests. Just 15 days before the election, national commentators, pollsters, politicians, and historians joined in conversation to help us anticipate the Presidential election and what it means for America and the world.

During this unprecedented election year, all eyes are on Pennsylvania. Amidst a global pandemic that has had far-reaching health, social, and economic ramifications across Philadelphia and the Commonwealth, our country is also having a reckoning with systemic racism. The importance of C70’s work, in this city, in this year, cannot be understated. If ever there was a time in our history when Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the nation needed the Committee of Seventy, this is it.

Charlie Dent Speaks at Seventy Minutes (2020 Election)

Charlie Dent Speaks at Seventy Minutes (2020 Election)