2022 General Mock Election Results
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2022 General Mock Election Results

Before Pennsylvania’s voters go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, Pennsylvania’s high school students gave a preview of possible results as part of this month’s PA Youth Vote Mock Election.

This pilot, in the first year of the PA Youth Vote Mock Election, allowed students to choose between real candidates for statewide and local offices and answering ballot questions that were customized to their interests.

730 students cast their ballots, in grades 9-12 from 11 schools in Philadelphia, Lehigh, Chester, Centre, and Montgomery Counties. Summary results are below. You can view the raw results on this spreadsheet.

Statewide Results

U.S. Senate

  • John Fetterman (Democrat) - 56%
  • Mehmet Oz (Republican) - 35%
  • Richard Weiss (Green) - 3%
  • Erik Gerhardt (Libertarian) - 3%
  • Daniel Wassmer (Keystone) - 2%

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

  • Josh Shapiro/Austin Davis (Democrat) - 60%
  • Doug Mastriano / Carrie DelRosso (Republican) - 30%
  • Christina Digiulio / Michael Bagdes-Canning (Green) - 4%
  • Matt Hackenburg / Tim McMaster (Libertarian) - 3%
  • Joe Soloski / Nicole Shultz (Keystone) - 2%

Local Race Results

Students voted for candidates in seven congressional, eight state senate, and 18 state house districts. You can view those results on this sheet.

Statewide Ballot Questions

1. Should the voting age be lowered from 18 to 16?

  • Yes - 34%
  • No - 66%

2. Currently, Pennsylvania has a "closed primary system," where a voter has to be registered with a political party to vote in that party's primary election. Should Pennsylvania implement "open primaries," in which independent and unaffiliated voters may vote in a party's primary as well?

  • Yes - 69%
  • No - 31%