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PA Youth Mock Election

Bring the voting experience to your students
The PA Youth Mock Election gives students hands-on experience with how to cast their ballot each election. The mock election gives students the info they need to understand how elections work, tools for researching candidates, and the results of the PA student vote on Election Day.
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Hands-On Experience with Active Citizenship
Pennsylvania’s 2024 Primary Election in April includes presidential, congressional, and state legislative nominees. It is the perfect opportunity for high school students to participate and practice for the future when they have a vote that counts.
Register Your Class
Reserve digital materials to run the mock election in your class. Sign-up by Tuesday, April 2. Vote totals to be included with the statewide tallies must be submitted by April 16.
Elections Curriculum
Download a free curriculum designed for high school students across Pennsylvania, or specific to Philadelphia, to learn how elections are run and how they can vote.
Mock Election FAQs
Have a question? Find the answer here.
2022 Mock Election Results, General
How did students vote during the 2022 General Election?
2023 Mock Election Results, Primary
See who PA students voted for in the 2023 Primary Mock Election.
2023 Mock Election Results, General
See the raw data from the schools who participated in November 2023.
Questions? Reach out to Justin Villere, Civic Engagement Program Manager, You can learn more about PA Youth Vote at