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Learn How It Works

Being a voter is your right. It is also your responsibility. When you learn how elections work, how government operates, and the many ways people can make their voices heard, you are better able to contribute to a thriving local democracy.

Learn what you need to know to cast your ballot and fully participate as an active citizen in your community.

Voting at Home

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PA recently enacted a law (Act 77 of 2019) enabling EVERY REGISTERED VOTER to vote at home. No excuse needed. Just apply and have your ballot sent to you, wherever you are and make sure it gets to your county election office before 8pm on Election Day.

Learn How Your Voting Machine Works

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See a demonstration of your county’s voting system so you are prepared to vote in-person on Election Day.

Citizen's Guide to PA Local Government

Read this comprehensive guide to navigating local government, voting in elections, and making a positive impact on your community.

Be in the room where it happens

Watch live legislative sessions of the PA General Assembly, learn how a bill becomes a law in PA, and discover who does what in our state government.

Life Cycle of a Mail-In Ballot

Life Cycle of a Mail-In Ballot