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Our Impact

A Legacy of Political Progress

The Committee of Seventy was established to improve the voting process, combat corruption, and engage citizens in the democratic process. We are the only independent, nonpartisan organization in the region pursuing these goals — and the oldest and largest in Pennsylvania.

2022 Impact Report
Learn more about Seventy’s impact on the 2022 Election Cycle and our year-round work to encourage active civic engagement in Pennsylvania.

Combatting Corruption

Changing the Influence of Money in Politics

Money in politics threatens our democracy. Over the years, Seventy has been dedicated to reforming campaign finance and political spending in Philadelphia.

Through Seventy’s efforts, Philadelphia’s elected officials and employees can no longer accept cash gifts, receive ultra-rich pension bonuses, or obtain limitless campaign contributions. Taxpayers also have online access to information about officials’ outside sources of income and now know who is lobbying Philadelphia politicians and how much they’re spending — all of which sharply reduce corruption in Philadelphia.


"Seventy fills an important role as a trusted source of vital nonpartisan, non-political information at a time when voters are so often the target of misinformation around elections."
-- Al Schmidt, Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Former C70 President & CEO

Preparing and Protecting the Voters of Pennsylvania

America doesn’t work if people can’t vote. Seventy has been a champion of voters since our inception. Whether we’re preparing voters for changes to election laws such as the Voter ID Coalition in 2011 and mail-in voting in 2020, or overhauling the way Philly runs their elections after widespread disenfranchisement in 2012 — we are, and forever will be, on the side of the voter.

The Most Important Election of Our Time

From informing voters and helping them cast their ballot amid a pandemic with our WeVote campaign, to working with election administrators to recruit, train and prepare poll workers for an unprecedented election — Seventy was a guiding force in one of the most significant elections in Pennsylvania history. 

The Pivotal Role Seventy Played in the 2020 Election

We educated more than 17,000 voters about voting by mail and new voting machines, partnered with more than 100 major employers, non-profits, and community organizations to reach more than a million voters, and helped recruit more than 20,000 poll workers to serve communities on election day. As a result of our hard work, we helped drive record-setting voter turnout across the state and made sure that election boards in Philadelphia and the Commonwealth were fully staffed for the first time — ever.

Former President and CEO of the Committee of Seventy, David Thornburgh, on Seventy's Impact

Why Every Vote Counts

Seventy works to make sure all voices are heard through our WeVote, CPR, and poll worker recruiting initiatives

The Importance of Fair Elections

A critical part of ensuring all voices are heard is maintaining the integrity of our elections. Seventy works to fulfill that mission through efforts like Draw the Lines and Open Primaries PA.

Seventy's Legacy

David Thornburgh concludes our annual event by describing Seventy's legacy and the importance of its work in Pennsylvania