Serve as a poll worker
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Serve as a poll worker

Poll workers are crucial to Election Day. Many counties accept 17-year-olds to work the polls, and get paid for doing so. (10 minutes)

Young Person serves as a poll worker

Watch video

Poll Worker Emergency: Young People Needed

Discussion: why is there a need for young people to work the polls?

Extension Activity

Apply to work the polls on Election Day. 17 and older: Learn about elections, get experience, get paid for the training and the day! Write about your experience, take photos and videos (with permission) and report back to the class.

For Philadelphia students:

  • 17 years old by Election Day contact
  • 18 or older by Election Day Sign up here!

If you live outside of Philadelphia and want to serve, our partners at PA Youth Vote have a valuable resource that shows you the process for serving as a poll worker in each county.