Governor’s Civic Engagement Awards (GCEA)
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Governor’s Civic Engagement Awards (GCEA)

Every year, the Governor of Pennsylvania recognizes the efforts of Pennsylvania high school students “that educate, engage and inform” their peers in democratic processes.

To be recognized by the Pennsylvania Departments of State and Education with a Governor’s Civic Engagement Award, schools must run a voter registration drive for eligible students. Awards are presented to schools that achieve 85% registration or higher (gold), and 65% registration or higher (silver). There is also an award that recognizes student poll workers. 

Registration instructions, eligibility guidelines, planning and support resources, and FAQ’s can be found on the state government website.

Pursuing a GCEA is an exciting opportunity for students and an engaging way to conclude the Elections and Voting unit. Contact PA Youth Vote ( for resources on how to conduct a peer-to-peer voter registration in your school.

Past gold award winners we have worked with include the Academy at Palumbo, Central High School, Constitution High School, and Friends Select School. 

Congratulations to the 37 schools and 28 students who were recognized for their efforts during the 2022-2023 school year!