Elections 101
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Elections 101

What is an election? Why does it matter?

The Committee of Seventy fields dozens of requests every season to share information about the upcoming election. Our WeVote program has partners with hundreds of organizations each cycle to deliver crucial, nonpartisan information to voters across Pennsylvania.

Now, we've translated our WeVote election briefings into student-friendly classroom sessions that introduce first-time and future voters to one of the most fundamental rights of American citizenship: how to cast your ballot and why it matters.

We are available to present to your class or community group, virtually or in-person. Sessions typically last 20-45 minutes and touch on the fundamentals:

  • What is an election?
  • Why is it important to vote?
  • How do you register to vote?
  • Different ways to cast a ballot.
  • Which offices are up for election?

If you are interested in having C70 present, reach out to Justin Villere (jvillere@seventy.org) to learn more.