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PA Business Leaders for Free & Fair Elections

Joint Statement in Support of Voting Rights

We represent Pennsylvania’s business community, including companies large and small, institutions, and organizations, many of which operate on a national basis. We believe it is our responsibility to add our voice in support of the unfettered right to vote as changes are being proposed to voting laws in Pennsylvania. 

We stand united in our support for the following principles: 

  • The right to vote is sacred, an inviolable right of American citizens. 
  • Our democracy is strongest when we have the greatest level of participation by our citizens. 
  • We are committed to encouraging our employees and associates to exercise their right to vote and provide accommodations to do so. 
  • Safe and secure options to vote are vital to ensuring voter participation. 
  • Government must support equitable access to the ballot to ensure that all eligible voters can exercise their rights. 
  • Government should encourage actions that increase participation in elections – particularly among historically disenfranchised communities, persons with disabilities, racial minorities, and low-income voters – with flexibility to vote securely in person, via mail, or through expanded availability of drop boxes among the choices to make voting more accessible. 
  • Public faith in the security and integrity of our elections is fundamental, and the government has a responsibility to continuously improve and strengthen election administration. 
  • Election laws must be developed in a nonpartisan fashion to preserve public confidence in our elections and to protect the values of democracy. 
  • The independence of Pennsylvania’s local election boards is paramount and must be protected from any outside interference, replacement, or intimidation before, during, or after vote counts. 

Our nation is strongest when we stand together. We call on our elected officials to adopt these principles, and to protect the right to vote as the bedrock upon which our nation was created.

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