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Seventy's Statement on the Supreme Court's Redistricting Case Dismissal
The Committee of Seventy is gratified that the federal judiciary has let stand the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling tossing out the state’s 2011 congressional map.
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Seventy Supports a Free Press
The Committee of Seventy--one of the nation’s oldest political reform organizations--stands this week with editorial boards and commentators around the country in expressing deep concern about attacks on journalism and journalists, and applauds any and all efforts to push back on attempts to limit a free and independent news media.
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Seventy Supports Transparency Legislation For Interim Court Appointments
Bill would add commonsense changes until merit selection reform is achieved
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Seventy Supports Wolf Administration Financing of New Voting Systems
HARRISBURG, PA – The Committee of Seventy applauds the Wolf administration’s order to issue a bond to cover the long-term investment in safe, secure voting systems. Counties around the state have taken responsible steps over the past year to procure new voting machines with voter-verified paper trails. Such equipment is essential to protect the integrity of our elections, and our local governments deserve this financial support for doing their part.
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Seventy Urges City Commissioner Anthony Clark Not to Seek Reelection in 2015
Says Failure to Vote for Three Years is Astonishing
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Seventy Urges No Appeal of Ruling Striking Down PA’s Voter ID Law
Says PA should comply with spirit of bi-partisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report by making voting easier
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Seventy Urges Permanent City Police Advisory Commission
Says Current PAC Should be Disbanded
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Seventy Urges Probe by Independent Counsel of Sting Operation and Dismissal
PHILADELPHIA – March 17, 2014 –The Committee of Seventy today urged the Pennsylvania General Assembly to quickly allow for the creation of an independent counsel to conduct a fair and non-partisan investigation into a dismissed three-year sting operation that allegedly captured on tape four state Representatives taking money from an undercover informant. The operation, which also involved a former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge accepting a bracelet, was reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday.
Says Council Shouldn’t Wait for Consultant’s Report
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Seventy welcomes student and educators back to school this week
The Committee of Seventy welcomes back to school this week students and educators across the City and the Commonwealth.