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City Wards and Divisions

Philadelphia is divided into 66 wards, each of which is divided into from 11 to 51 divisions (each with its own polling place) – 1,703 in all. Party ward leaders (Democrats and Republicans) are elected by each party's committee people.

Below are links to maps of all of the political wards in Philadelphia.

Visit the Philadelphia County Board of Elections for ward and division maps.

Don't know what ward you live in?
Use the PA Department of State’s Polling Place Search to look up your ward and division (i.e., election precinct).

Not sure who your ward leader is?

Click here for Democratic ward leaders and here for Republicans. The city's map application also includes ward and division boundaries.

Note that wards 39, 40 and 66 are split into “A” and “B” sections for Democrats. Wards 39 and 40 are also split for Republicans. For Ward 39, the A divisions are 25-40 and B divisions are 1-24. For Ward 40, the A divisions are 22, 29-38 and 40-51; the B divisions are 1-21, 23-28 and 39. And for Ward 66, the A divisions are 19-33, 35-40 and 42-46; the B divisions are 1-18, 34 and 41.