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Partner Toolkit

Making Voting Easy

C70 created this toolkit to make it easy to share election information, reminders, and resources with your community. This partnership toolkit includes sample messaging and other assets -- you should feel free to adapt any and all of these and share them widely to help promote a culture of voting.

What's Included:

  • Sample social media posts
  • Sample email messages
  • Branded and unbranded graphics to share

If you have questions or want to explore more ways to get involved, contact Tanisha Bezue at

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Our partner communication’s template has all the text, resources, and additional links to provide your organization with the tools and resources needed to be fully informed and empowered when doing so.

Leadership and staff support is critical; money is not. C70 is here to help you discover the many different ways to promote a culture of voting in your community.

Ladder of Engagement

One-time activation on digital platforms:
1) Promote national Voter Registration Day 2) Promote Election Day & National Voter Early Day
One-time in-person activation
Host a voter registration drive on National Voter Registration Day
Multi-pronged election promotion
1) Create a calendar to promote voter registration, absentee and early voting, and Election Day polling place locations/hours 2) Host virtual information voting events with election officials, candidates, or nonprofit partners.
Create a culture of voting
1) Get a commitment by C-suite executives to prioritize a civic engagement initiative 2) Share "I Voted" sticker selfies & digital banners 3) Make the opportunity for employees to share their plans to vote 4) Give employees time off to vote, have a "no meeting" day, carve out time for early voting, or offer Election Day as a holiday or #ElectionDayofService
Become a civic leader
1) Emphasize work and sharing best practices publicly to advance more widespread adoption of civic engagement initiatives 2) Integrate calls-to-action in client/consumer-facing products and platforms 3) Encourage employees and consumers to volunteer as a poll worker on Election Day

View the video below for information on how to cast your mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania.

How to cast your mail-in ballot in PA

How to cast your mail-in ballot in PA