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Become a Pollworker

The Importance of Being a Poll Worker

Being a poll worker is one of the most important things you can do to protect our democracy. Poll workers are the frontline workers in our elections. They are first to arrive and the last to leave. From registration issues, to voter ID questions, to language barriers, poll workers ensure the integrity of the election process by acting as vital resources for voters in need.

Poll Workers Do Essential Work for Democracy

Every eligible voter has the right to vote and should not be turned away from the polls because of long lines or confusing rules. More poll workers mean quicker processing of voters, meaning shorter lines and less chance that people will get out of line and not vote.

Poll Worker Duties

A poll worker’s duties can differ depending on their position but may include: Attending a training, greeting voters, following voting procedures, assisting voters in need, and arriving by 6:30am and staying until the last voter in line at 8pm casts their ballot.
Take Action


Sign Up

Every election, thousands of poll workers are needed in Philadelphia and across the region. Sign up today through your county or Votes PA.



Attend training programs and get informed before Election Day. Training is offered online and in-person in Philadelphia.


Get Paid

Every poll worker in Pennsylvania is paid for attending training and for their service on Election Day.

Important Resources
The Poll Worker Caucus
The Poll Worker Caucus is open to current and prospective poll workers in Philadelphia and Southeast Pennsylvania to exchange ideas and resources ahead of elections.
Poll Workers Toolkit
Seventy has developed a handy digital toolkit that breaks down everything you need to know about being a poll worker in Philadelphia.
Poll Worker FAQ
If you’re unsure about anything relating to being a poll worker, check out Seventy’s frequently asked questions page.
Studio C70
Seventy conducts interviews with poll workers through our studio to keep current and prospective election volunteers informed and up-to-date.
WeVote is an initiative that promotes a culture of voting in businesses, organizations, schools, and communities across Pennsylvania.
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