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Voter Guide Hub

The Committee of Seventy is part of the Every Voice, Every Vote project sponsored by the Lenfest Institute. Over 50 community organizations and media partners are working together to ensure that Philadelphia voters have the resources they need to participate in the May 2023 primary. That includes publishing multiple voter guides, focusing on different issues and neighborhoods. In addition to our voter guide, C70 is proud to promote those guides on this page. Check back for ongoing updates between now and the May primary.

Philadelphia City Commissioners

The official website of the office that runs Philadelphia's elections.

Who's Endorsing Whom?

An All-Party Endorsement Guide that shows which interest groups have endorsed which candidates.

PA Bar Association Judicial Recommendations

Their Judicial Evaluation Commission evaluates the qualifications of candidates to PA's appellate courts to help voters make an informed decision at the ballot box.

Billy Penn's Council Candidate Guide

Get to know every Philly council candidate on the May primary ballot.


These are the 9 candidates for Philadelphia mayor and their track records in education

Hospitality and Tourism

Philadelphia Tourism and Hospitality Partners asked mayoral candidates about issues impacting the industry and affecting residents, industry employees and visitors to the city.


Grid Magazine asked mayoral candidates questions about specific environmental issues around the city.

State Supreme Court Candidates Guide

Democrats and Republicans will choose their parties’ nominees to fill late-Chief Justice Max Baer's seat on the state Supreme Court.

Philadelphia Citizen

The Citizen has their own guide with short bios and endorsements.

2023 Democratic Primary Voters Guide

The Inky has a guide to all Democratic candidates.

Green Philly Mayoral Forum

A recording of The Climate Mayoral Forum presented by Green Philly.

Meet Your Mayor

A political matchmaking quiz for Philly voters

WURD reports

WURD has packaged its forum recordings, candidate interviews, and reporting on this helpful page.

East Point Breeze Neighbors Voter Guide

EPBN has published its voter guide in 7 languages.

Each Mayoral Candidate's Plan for Poverty

The Philadelphia Hall Monitor has undertaken a project aimed at addressing what they believe is the most pressing issue in this election: poverty.