Judicial Elections
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Judicial Elections

Pennsylvanians will elect judges across the Commonwealth in November 2023. See the offices below. The Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association also provided judicial recommendations. Those are noted next to each candidate.

At the bottom of this page, you can also find a full list of candidates who are standing for retention.

C70 has invited each candidate to complete a five-part questionnaire to state their case to the voters. You can see those answers plus full bios of candidates and campaign contact information customizable to your personal ballot in our Interactive Voter Guide

Justice of the Supreme Court (statewide)

Carolyn Carluccio, Whitpain (Montgomery) (Republican) (Highly Recommended)

Daniel McCaffery, Philadelphia (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Judge of the Superior Court (statewide)

Jill Beck (Allegheny) (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Timika Lane (Philadelphia) (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Maria Battista (Clarion) (Republican) (Not recommended for failure to participate)

Harry F. Smail (Westmoreland) (Republican) (Recommended)

Judge of the Commonwealth Court (statewide)

Megan Martin, Silver Spring (Cumberland) (Republican) (Recommended)

Matt Wolf, Philadelphia (Democrat) (Recommended)

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Philadelphia, 1st Judicial District) (Vote for not more than 13)

Damaris Garcia (Democrat) (Recommended)

Samantha Williams (Democrat) (Recommended)

Tamika Washington (Democrat) (Recommended)

Kay Yu (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Brian McLaughlin (Democrat) (Recommended)

John Padova (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Jessica R. Brown (Democrat) (Recommended)

Caroline Turner (Democrat) (Recommended)

Chesley Lightsey (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Natasha Taylor-Smith (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

James Eisenhower (Democrat) (Highly Recommended)

Raj Sandher (Democrat) (Not Recommended)

Elvin Ross III (Democrat) (No rating available)

Judge of the Municipal Court (Philadelphia, 1st Judicial District) (Vote for 2)

Colleen McIntyre Osborne (Democrat) (Recommended)

Barbara Thomson (Democrat) (Recommended)

Rania Major (Republican) (Not Recommended)

Retention - Judge of the Superior Court (statewide)

Voters can choose to retain judges that are already on the Pennsylvania Superior Court with a “yes” vote, which will give them a full 10-year term, provided they do not reach the mandatory retirement age of 75 before its completion.

Jack A. Panella (Democrat) (Recommended)

Vic Stabile (Republican) (Recommended)

Retention - Court of Common Pleas (Philadelphia, District 1) 

See full list of recommendations from the Philadelphia Bar Association

Jacqueline Allen (Recommended)

Giovanni Campbell (Recommended)

Anne Marie Coyle (Not Recommended)

Ramy I. Djerassi (Recommended)

Joseph L. Fernandes (Recommended)

Holly Ford (Recommended)

Timika Lane (Recommended)

Joseph Scott O’Keefe (Recommended)

Paula Patrick (Recommended)

Sierra L. Thomas (Recommended)

Nina Wright-Padilla (Recommended)

Retention - Judge of the Municipal Court (Philadelphia, District 1) 

See full list of recommendations from the Philadelphia Bar Association

Marissa J. Brumbach (Recommended)

William A. Meehan, Jr. (Recommended)

Bradley Moss (Recommended)

David Shuter (Recommended)

Karen Simmons (Recommended)

Marvin L. Williams (Recommended)

Matt Wolf (Recommended)