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Ward Leaders & Committeepeople

Current Ward Leaders and Committeepeople 

Democratic and Republican committeepeople in Philadelphia were last elected on May 17, 2022. In June 2022, the current committeepeople elected ward leaders. The Committee of Seventy receives ward leader lists from the Democratic and Republican City Committees.

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How to Run for Committee Person

Check out our helpful guide that gives you all the info you need to run for Committee Person in 2022. This includes resources to learn more about the role of ward leaders and committee people in city elections.

Democratic Committeepeople

Download a list of the Democratic committeepeople elected in May 2022.

Republican Committeepeople

Download a list of the Republican committeepeople elected in May 2022.


Want to learn more about your local ward leader? Visit, a project built by volunteers in March 2015 at a weekend hackathon called Apps for Democracy.