Polls across pennsylvania are open 7am to 8pm on election day. Any voter in line by 8pm must be allowed to vote. absentee and Mail-in Ballots must also be returned by 8PM on Election Day. Postmarks do not count.
As a voter in Pennsylvania, you have the right to:

Vote if you are a U.S. citizen, Pennsylvania resident, at least 18 years of age and properly registered with the County Board of Elections. Visit for more info. 

Vote privately and free from coercion, intimidation or harassment ​when voting by mail or at a polling place. Campaigning of any kind and the distribution of buttons, flyers or other partisan literature is strictly prohibited inside the polling place.

Request help from anyone you choose if needed to vote due to a disability or limited English proficiency; however, the person assisting cannot be your employer or union representative. Voters in certain counties including Berks, Lehigh and Philadelphia may have access to interpreters (telephonic and/or in person).

Ask election officials about voting procedures. Rules and resources are in place to ensure every eligible voter can cast a ballot privately and independently. If you have a question, ask!

Cast a provisional ballot if, for any reason, you are unable to use the voting system. Provisional ballots are a fail-safe option to ensure no voter is disenfranchised. All ballots are counted following verification that the voter was properly registered.

Report issues or problems encountered in the voting process to your county election officials. Find contact information for your local officials at

VOTER Responsibilities

As a voter in Pennsylvania, you have the responsibility to:

Keep your voter registration up-to-date with your current address and party affiliation. Online registration is available at votespa.comThe registration deadline is always 15 days before Election Day.

Review election procedures and voting instructions before Election Day at Seek guidance from election officials if you have questions about the voting process. Mail-in voters can track the status of their ballot at

Familiarize yourself with candidates and ballots questions. Use and other reliable sources of information to prepare your choices before casting a mail-in ballot or heading to the polls. ONLY registered Democrats and Republicans can vote for candidates in Primary Elections; ALL voters, regardless of party affiliation, can vote for ballot questions. In General Elections; ALL voters can vote for candidates and questions.

Verify your selections on your mail-in ballot or on the paper ballot at your polling place. If you make a mistake completing your ballot, advise your local election officials.

Report voter intimidation, or potentially illegal or fraudulent activity to your local election official, then to the county District Attorney or the PA Attorney General's office.

For questions about the voting process or to report an issue at the polls: Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683), a service provided by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.