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Press & Testimony

December 18, 2019 • Press Releases
Seventy Supports Transparency Legislation For Interim Court Appointments
Bill would add commonsense changes until merit selection reform is achieved
October 31, 2019 • Press Releases
City Council Passes Reform to Vacant Land Sale Process
Legislation is a step forward, but more work left to do
October 31, 2019 • Press Releases
Historic Election Reform Approved in Pennsylvania
Sweeping changes to state election law set a foundation for further reform
October 23, 2019 • Press Releases
Election Reform Package Should Move Forward
Compromise Bill Adds Significant Updates to 1937 Election Code
September 27, 2019 • Press Releases
Statement on Philadelphia Voting System Controversy
Philadelphia, PA – With City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart’s investigation of Philadelphia’s selection process for new voting systems complete, the controversy wrapped around the chosen system seems primed to continue, as does the leadership vacuum that has persisted throughout.
August 29, 2019 • Press Releases
Redistricting Reform Commission Releases Final Report
HARRISBURG, PA – The bipartisan Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission released a final report today with recommendations to improve the process of creating legislative district boundaries. Governor Wolf signed an executive order last year creating the commission to explore ways Pennsylvania could curb gerrymandering and make redistricting fairer and nonpartisan.
July 09, 2019 • Press Releases
Seventy Supports Wolf Administration Financing of New Voting Systems
HARRISBURG, PA – The Committee of Seventy applauds the Wolf administration’s order to issue a bond to cover the long-term investment in safe, secure voting systems. Counties around the state have taken responsible steps over the past year to procure new voting machines with voter-verified paper trails. Such equipment is essential to protect the integrity of our elections, and our local governments deserve this financial support for doing their part.
June 25, 2019 • Press Releases
Open Primaries Legislation Approved by the Pennsylvania Senate
Landmark Bill Will Move to the State House for Debate
June 18, 2019 • Press Releases
Open Primaries Legislation Advances in the Senate
​SB 300 Voted out of Committee with Bipartisan Support
May 20, 2019 • Press Releases
Primary Reform Picks Up Traction Ahead of May 21 Primary
New coalition, editorial boards and legislative leadership call for reform