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Committee of Seventy Hosts National Voter Registration Day Rally and Call to Action

The Committee of Seventy will announce a special raffle for businesses and organizations that sign up as WeVote partners ahead of Election Day on November 8. In celebration of National Voter Registration Day on September 20, C70 will be joined by Mayor Jim Kenney, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia 76ers, among others.

WeVote is a Committee of Seventy initiative aimed at ensuring more Americans take part in the democratic process. Through the free program, the nonprofit gives voters the nonpartisan tools and resources to ensure their employees and community members are fully informed and empowered to successfully cast their ballots. WeVote galvanizes the business community, media partners and major civic institutions, and calls on each to get off the sidelines and play a leadership role in their community. Together, we can ensure a vibrant local democracy and prosperous democratic republic.