C70 Partners With Morgan Lewis to Promote Civic Engagement
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C70 Partners With Morgan Lewis to Promote Civic Engagement

PHILADELPHIA – October 31, 2022 – Today Committee of Seventy (C70) announced a first-of-its-kind civic partnership with the Morgan Lewis - Global Law Firm. Through this partnership, C70 will provide important tools and guidance to educate and empower Morgan Lewis team members to play an active role in this election and elections to come.

C70 will work with firm leadership to schedule a pre-election meet-and-greet between Morgan Lewis members and C70's President and CEO Al Schmidt. Following this election, C70’s policy team will present Morgan Lewis with an analysis about the new political landscape in Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Additionally, Morgan Lewis team members will receive C70’s weekly newsletter and invitations to member-exclusive programming.

“Committee of Seventy believes that finding common ground is the only path toward a vibrant and open democracy,” said Committee of Seventy’s Schmidt. “As a longtime supporter, Morgan Lewis gets that approaching problems through a bipartisan framework will lead to outcomes that improve our city, our state and our country.”

Committee of Seventy is Pennsylvania's oldest and largest good-government nonprofit organization. Its nonpartisan mission is to improve the voting process, hold government officials accountable, and engage residents in the process of making important decisions about our future. C70’s WeVote initiative recruits business partners to help foster a culture of civic participation at their organizations, and also help counties recruit essential poll workers for Election Day, assist election administrators in combatting disinformation, and engaging students.

Morgan Lewis demonstrates its responsibility to be civically engaged and its commitment to upholding the basic principle of democracy through its ML Votes! initiative. ML Votes! identifies nonpartisan volunteer opportunities, such as a poll worker or poll watcher, where employees are granted one day of paid time off for this type of pre-approved volunteer work. It also provides educational resources along with encouragement and paid time off to the firm’s members to exercise their voting rights.