Candidates for Register of Wills
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Candidates for Register of Wills

Office Description

Philadelphia’s Register of Wills is responsible for probating wills and granting letters of administration when persons die without leaving a will. The office also maintains records of wills, inventories of estates and similar documents and serves as an agent for the state for filing and payment of inheritance taxes. The office’s other important function is to issue marriage licenses. The Register of Wills, who is elected citywide to a four-year term, must be at least 25 years old, a citizen of the U.S. and a one-year resident of Philadelphia. There are no term limits. Per city records, the salary is $142,751.

The top vote-getters from the Democratic and Republican primaries will be featured on the General Election ballot in November. Minor party candidates were eligible to submit nominating papers up through August 1 to be included on the ballot as well. This list will not be exhaustive until after the nominating paper period is complete in early Fall. 

C70 has invited each candidate to complete a five-part questionnaire to state their case to the voters. If a candidate has not yet completed the survey, check back soon, as responses are coming in regularly. 

In late September, C70 will launch its Interactive Voter Guide. It will contain full bios of candidates, campaign contact information, and their responses to the questionnaire. 

Candidates for Register of Wills