Writing for Impact Conference with Cosmic Writers
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Writing for Impact Conference with Cosmic Writers

C70 is partnering with Cosmic Writers for The Writing for Impact Conference, a new type of conference for high schoolers. The program is followed by a five-week series of workshops to mobilize high schoolers to use their voices to impact the upcoming mayoral election. Many high schoolers are passionate about local issues and want to have a say in their city’s politics but are not yet eligible to vote. The goal of this conference is to show these students how they can use writing to make their opinions heard. The conference will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and features former Mayor Michael Nutter as the keynote speaker. It will also provide a catered lunch for students and offer seven creative writing workshops on different genres of impact-focused writing.  

The conference is free to all, and registrants include youth from the Revolution School, Philadelphia CAPA, Friends Select School, and William Penn Charter School.  

Register by 3/29: The signup for school groups is available here, and the signup for individual students is available here.