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Understanding the Judicial Rating Process

Did you know judges are elected in Pennsylvania? How do you know if an individual is prepared to be a judge? The Philadelphia Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission (JEC) evaluates the qualifications of candidates for local courts and statewide appellate courts (when a candidate has an office or chambers in Philadelphia). The ratings issued are valuable in helping voters make informed decisions between candidates in these critical but low profile races. Candidates can earn a rating of "highly recommended," "recommended," or "not recommended" based on the JEC's research and evaluation.

C70 will welcome Matt Olesh and Chimdi Tuffs of the Campaign for Qualified Judges for a conversation why these ratings matter and how to inform you community about them. This event is virtual and free to attend. Join us to learn more the judicial rating process, why electing qualified judges is so important, and what you can do to help inform voters. RSVP