National Vote Early Day Celebration
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National Vote Early Day Celebration

Join C70 for a celebration of democracy and to encourage Philadelphians to vote early via mail-in ballot. Ahead of one of the most consequential elections in history, Committee of Seventy, Philadelphia’s City Commissioners, WeVote partners and more will gather at City Hall’s north apron for National Vote Early Day, when Philadelphians will be encouraged to cast their votes early for governor, senator, U.S. representative, state representative and more. On Friday, October 28, 2022, from noon-3 pm, students, workers and passers-by will enjoy free food, music, circus performers, brass bands, DJs and more. Amid the festival, voters will be able to request a ballot and submit it on the spot at the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners. 

“We want every eligible voter to vote, to be informed when they vote, and to vote with confidence,” said Al Schmidt, President and CEO of Committee of Seventy. “This is a celebration of our democratic process, and a chance for everyone to see firsthand how free, fair, safe and secure our elections really are. The best way to strengthen democracy is to participate in it.”  

“Pennsylvania allows early voting by mail-in ballot, and National Early Voting Day is an amazing opportunity to make sure that many Philadelphians exercise their right to do so,” added City Commissioner Lisa Deeley. “Voting should always feel like a celebration.” 

Highlights will include:

 Voters will also have an opportunity to build their own ballot using Committee of Seventy’s BYOBallot tool, which walks users through the choices they’ll need to make before they vote. 

 “Making a plan to vote—where to vote, when to vote, whom you want to vote for—is proven to increase voting participation,” added Committee of Seventy’s Schmidt. “We need to make voting as easy and straightforward as possible.”