Girls and Boys on the Bus
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Girls and Boys on the Bus

In 1972, political journalist Timothy Crouse’s book Boys on the Bus captured the unique experience of journalists covering the Presidential campaign. But the boys on the 1972 bus would not recognize the experience of their counterparts today, the young people (boys AND girls) covering the 2016 presidential election. The 24/7/365 news cycle, the widespread availability of wireless internet, and the relentless demands of social media have all fundamentally changed the ways in which the campaign is reported, and perhaps the candidates and the campaign itself.

Chris Satullo, former Philadelphia Inquirer columnist and Director of News and Civic Engagement at WHYY, now Civic Engagement Consultant for the Committee of Seventy, led a conversation with national print, electronic, digital journalists covering the 2016 race. Seventy sponsored this event in partnership with Young Involved Philadelphia.

View the conversation online, provided by C-SPAN.