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Erin McClelland




What is one life experience you have that voters should know about?

I spent a year learning process improvement strategies under former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I'm the only person in the race who has started and ran a small business. I have actually worked in the public sector workforce and see first-hand how government systems and workforce function and at times, dysfunction. I am the only one in the race that is against implementing the dangerous, fraud-ridden "Keystone Saves" savings program in Pennsylvania's small businesses. I am the only candidate that does not agree with George Bush's de-regulation policies unrestricting investments with public-sector pension money. And I am the only one in the race that has come out against the new phenomenon of using state funds to invest in foreign conflicts and foreign holdings in general. I am the only candidate heading the suggestion by the National Association of State Treasurers that each state treasurer needs to be a leader on the local and state government levels on cybersecurity.

How do you plan to work across ideological lines to achieve shared goals?

Responsible financial policies and often non-partisan. Cybersecurity is becoming a national threat that hits us at the local level. There is no party that wants to see municipal governments continue to be attacked by foreign actors and terrorist organizations.

What would be your top three policy priorities in office?

1. Cybersecurity for municipal government.
2. Restoring pre-2003 standards for pension investments and demanding that the amount of the annual required contribution for public sector pensions NOT paid into the pension fund be listed as a debt on the state's balance sheet.
3. Ending the dangerous politization of the office that include denying the 2020 election, using state money to enact foreign policy decisions.

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