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What is one life experience you have that voters should know about?Jared was raised on the second floor of his great-grandparents’ butcher shop in Northeast Philadelphia by his single mother, who was a public school teacher. While his family didn’t have much, Jared learned from his mother that if you create a better future for your community, everybody can prosper.

What sets you apart from other candidates? As a State Representative, Jared Solomon has a lifetime 100% voting scorecard from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates. In Harrisburg, Jared is the leading voice for reform through gift ban legislation, campaign contribution limits, eliminating dark money, allowing an independent commission to redraw legislative districts, forcing lawmakers convicted of felonies to resign upon conviction, and giving voters the right to remove elected officials via recall.

How do you plan to work across ideological lines to achieve shared goals? In Harrisburg, almost each of the bills that Jared has had signed into law involved working across ideological lines to achieve shared goals. Here are few examples of the laws that Jared has had signed into law by working across ideological lines:

  • Act No. 107 of 2018 to codify in statute the PA One Stop Shop portal with which new and existing business owners can more easily navigate through the process of setting up or expanding their business (with Republican Rep. Mike Peifer)
  • Act No. 76 of 2019 to establish the Schools-to-Work program creating workforce opportunities for students (with Republican Rep. Katie Klunk)
  • Act No. 37 of 2022 to establish legacy infrastructure projects throughout the state in preparation of the upcoming 250th birthday of the United States in 2026 (with Republican Rep. Wendi Thomas)
  • Act No. 58 of 2022 to expand affordable housing by giving local government options to pass tax abatements or exemptions for low-income homeowners and renters (previous version of bill co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Sue Helm)

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