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Ben Sanchez



What is one life experience you have that voters should know about?

I am a parent, attorney, and certified public accountant who is a lifelong resident of my district.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I now have over six years of service in the legislature and a proven track record. I look forward to continuing to serve everyone with compassion, hard work and my faithful dedication to good government and our community.

How do you plan to work across ideological lines to achieve shared goals?

Too often these days, people have forgotten how to listen to each other. While I will always strongly advocate for my constituents and our priorities, I will be certain to communicate among my fellow representatives in order to understand their perspectives and to try to build consensus in addressing the range of basic to the most complicated issues we face. I firmly believe, regardless of party, that compromise and coalition building is essential to productive discourse and achieving meaningful results. Moreover, I will do my best to communicate these efforts to my constituents in a transparent manner consistent with the high levels of service that they expect, deserve and which we strive to provide.

What would be your top three policy priorities in office?

Top issues facing our district include ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare for all, especially access to reproductive healthcare, providing clean and safe drinking water, strengthening and supporting public education, demanding action for gun safety, and protecting our rights when it comes to equality and our precious environment.

The Committee of Seventy has partnered with the Carter Center to promote the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections ( to improve the voting process, encourage honest leadership, and promote civic engagement. Do you support the Candidate Principles?