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Matt Cartwright




What is one life experience you have that voters should know about?

Before serving in Congress, I spent 25 years working as a trial lawyer helping everyday people seek justice against those who had wronged them. After 9/11, I was devastated and wanted to find a way to help my country and stand up against those who would dare to do such a thing, so I represented the families of the victims pro bono in court to make sure that they received meaningful compensation and that terrorists were held to account. My time representing these incredible individuals only hardened my resolve to pursue justice however I can, and as a member of Congress, I have proudly continued the fight for justice.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I prioritize bipartisanship and delivering for the American people over Washington’s partisan games. Since first coming to Congress in 2013, I have introduced more bipartisan bills than any other Democrat in Congress, highlighting that my allegiance is to the people who sent me to Congress to represent them, not DC insiders who spend too much time bickering and not enough time getting things done.

How do you plan to work across ideological lines to achieve shared goals?

As mentioned above, I constantly work across the aisle because I know that it is the most effective way - and, in today’s polarized times, often the only way - to get meaningful work done for the American people. As a result of this approach, I have passed sixteen substantive bills into law since coming to Congress, including key laws that have stood up for veterans and brought down the deficit. I look forward to carrying on in this tradition to continue delivering for my constituents.

What would be your top three policy priorities in office?

1. Standing up for our nation’s seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare. This has always been a key focus of mine, which is why I was endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

2. Growing our local economy, including fighting for our fair share of federal dollars and spearheading investments in our communities like reestablishing passenger rail to northeastern Pennsylvania.

3. Honoring the sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. No one deserves to be treated with more respect than those who served in our nation’s military, and I have made it my mission to write and pass legislation like the Camp Lejeune Justice Act to ensure that our nation treats them as the American heroes that they are.

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