Dennis Mahoney
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Dennis Mahoney

Director of Integrated Partnerships, Food for the Hungry

Dennis Mahoney’s career spans across both the private and the non-profit sector, focusing on developing local, national, and international partnerships to unlock opportunities, and provide greater access to the marginalized. He serves as the Director of Integrated Partnerships at Food for the Hungry (FH), an NGO that works in communities across eighteen nations. In his role, Dennis cultivates partnerships with the private sector that integrate into the interventions that FH engages in, whether responding to global disasters or long-term development. 

Prior to FH, Dennis led disaster relief teams in the Caribbean and United States. Additionally, Dennis has a background in cyber underwriting and enterprise risk management in the private sector. Dennis also serves on the USGLC PA State Advisory Board and the Philly House Board of Directors. Dennis holds an Executive Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. His research and capstones at the University of Pennsylvania focused on Building Resilient Indigenous Capacity in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and an Ecosystem Approach to Private Sector Partnerships in Development.