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Chris Satullo

Chris Satullo is co-director and co-founder of PPCE. He is a consultant on media and civic engagement, doing business as Keystone Civic Ventures LLC.  He serves as a consultant to the Committee of Seventy, running the Draw the Lines PA initiative and hosting and executive producing its 20 by 70 and Draw the Lines podcasts.   Previously, he was vice president for news and civic dialogue at WHYY public media in Philadelphia, where he started the NewsWorks.org website and radio programs such as the Pulse and NewsWorks Tonight. Before WHYY, he worked nearly 20 years at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he served as editorial page editor and a columnist, among various positions.  He founded the paper's Citizen Voices program of civic dialogues on public issues.  He has won more than 60 awards for columns, editorials, reporting and civic engagement.  He is a graduate of Williams College and a Fulbright Fellow.

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Harris Sokoloff

Dr. Harris Sokoloff is co-director and co-founder of PPCE. He runs the Center for School Study Councils, a professional development program for school administrators at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as GSE's Community Catalyst Conversations program.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple University, a M.Ed. from Temple and a Ph.D. in education from Syracuse University.   With his PPCE role, he has designed and implemented community engagement projects locally, nationally and internationally.  The PPCE sponsors the Civic Engagement Institute, a summer institute at Penn GSE that focuses on teaching the theory and practice of deliberative democracy.  He has worked on national initiatives such as the National Summit on School Design for the American Architecture Foundation, and international ones such as the Best in Class project for the Energy Regulator of the province of Alberta, Canada.

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Linda Breitstein

Linda Breitstein is project manager and outreach coordinator for the Penn Project for Civic Engagement. In that role, Breitstein brings her expertise in community outreach to engage a wide range of stakeholders - from parents in beleaguered school districts, to taxpayers in financially strapped municipalities. Her success at building connections with disenfranchised or disaffected groups by bringing them to the table when they might just as easily have walked away, has been a key part of PPCE’s success at turning civic dialogue into innovative action plans.  She also serves as Eastern region coordinator for the Draw the Lines PA project
Prior to joining PPCE in 2008, she worked as public relations director for WSBK-TV in Boston and media consultant to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She also has worked as an editorial assistant for CBS’s “60 Minutes” in Paris and as a special-education teacher in Israel.