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PPCE designs and leads dialogue processes aimed at helping groups name, frame and discuss issues in innovative ways that promote solutions and provide useful guidance to leaders.  

Its motto is: If you want to hear a different conversation, you have to hold a different conversation.

It also offers workshops to train individuals and organizations how to do this vital work themselves.

Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, it became an initiative of the Committee of Seventy in late 2018.

(Some of the work PPCE formerly did around education policy continues at Penn’s Graduate School of Education under the aegis of Catalyst Community Conversations.)

PPCE’s co-founders and co-directors are Dr. Harris Sokoloff and Chris Satullo.  Its project and outreach manager is Linda Breitstein. 

PPCE works with a diverse cohort of Consulting Associates who help it design and lead dialogues.

Since its founding, PPCE has led more than 60 initiatives in community or organizational dialogue – primarily in the Philadelphia region, but also across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in New York City, Kansas City and in spots as far-flung as Alberta, Canada.

Recent projects include the Listening Tour for the new Philadelphia school board, the Can We Talk? dialogues on college campuses and in faith communities, the Merriam Theatre Forums for the Kimmel Center, and the Franklin Challenge Report for the Philadelphia International Airport. Take a look at our work here.