The Governor serves as the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, and through his or her cabinet, controls all state departments and agencies. The Governor's legislative authority includes the preparation of state budgets, the proposal of legislation to the General Assembly, and the power to veto legislation (subject to the override of a two-thirds majority in each General Assembly chamber). The Governor's law enforcement powers include command of the State Police and the Pennsylvania National Guard. The Governor also has the power to grant pardons and reprieves of convicted criminals.


  • Paul Glover

Paul Glover (Green)

A resident of Philadelphia’s Germantown section, Paul Glover, 71, is a longtime activist who founded more than a dozen organizations and campaigns promoting ecology and social justice and currently works as a consultant promoting green-job creation. Glover was the Green Party’s candidate for PA governor in 2014 and mayor of his hometown, Ithaca, N.Y., in 2003. A former adjunct professor of urban studies at Temple University and ecological economics at Philadelphia University, he has written six books about grassroots political power and published Green Jobs Philly News.

One big thing I've accomplished that voters should know about is... I am the founder of a dozen organizations for ecology and justice, including Ithaca HOURS local currency, Philadelphia Orchard Project, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles.

If elected, one thing I'd work tirelessly to achieve is... Establish the Green Labor Administration (GLAD) to create 500,000 jobs in Pennsylvania without raising taxes.

If elected, one thing I'd never vote for is... Fracking.

  • ken k

Ken Krawchuk (Libertarian)

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Ken Krawchuk is no stranger to Libertarian politics, having run for governor in 1998, 2002 and 2014, and the PA House in ’94 and ’12. And he sought the party’s 2000 vice-presidential nomination. An information-technology entrepreneur with three patents to his credit, he’s also the author of Paradise Snubbed, a novel he calls a “pastiche parody sequel” to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. A native of Philadelphia’s Feltonville section who now lives in Abingdon, Krawchuk is a graduate of Cardinal Dougherty High School and St. Joseph’s University (BS, physics, ‘75). He and his wife, Roberta, have three daughters and three grandchildren.

One big thing I've accomplished that voters should know about is... The most valuable asset I bring to the political scene is my ability to uncover, understand, and manage the structure of an organization, a field known in the Information Technology sector as "business architecture". I hold three U.S. Patents in that field and have written seminal articles on the subject, and I’d employ these cutting-edge techniques to better understand Pennsylvania’s government, its structure, and how to eliminate duplication, waste, and illogical, counterproductive programs. I’ve made a living bringing those sorts of benefits to private companies, and as governor I’ll lead the effort to discover, chronicle, and improve Pennsylvania’s business architecture.

If elected, one thing I'd work tirelessly to achieve is... End the Opioid Crisis! Every 2½ hours, another Pennsylvanian dies from that scourge. The Portuguese Health Ministry reports they reduced opioid use by 75% and opioid deaths by 85% by ending their insane War on Drugs. Rather than treating drugs as a criminal issue, they treat it as a social issue. Virtually all opioid deaths stem from either a lack of quality control in street drugs or from mixing opioids with commonly available items like alcohol. To tackle these twin troubles, Portugal set up free drug purity testing and free social workers, costing less than 1% of drug programs in the U.S. per capita. As governor, I would implement the Portuguese model here and end all that needless death.

If elected, one thing I'd never vote for is... As a Libertarian, I believe you have the right to live your life your way, provided you respect the rights and property of others. As a result, I promise to veto any law that would further reduce your right to live your life your way. Further, I promise to veto every tax increase and aggressively use the line-item veto to eliminate special interest, pork barrel, and unconstitutional spending. I also promise never to sign any death warrants. I’m no murderer. The national Center for Disease Control found no evidence that gun restrictions reduce gun violence, and that guns are used defensively far more often than used in crimes. Since guns save lives, I promise to veto all new gun control laws.

  • scott wagner

Scott Wagner (R)

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Businessman Scott Wagner, who stepped down from his York County seat in the PA Senate after winning the GOP gubernatorial primary, owns waste-hauling and trucking firms in York County, where he has lived his entire life. Wagner, 62, opened his first business two years after graduating from Dallastown Area High School in 1973. He won his Senate seat in a 2014 special election as a write-in candidate---the first state senator to do so---and chaired its Local Government Committee. The father of two grown daughters, Wagner lives in Spring Garden Township with his wife, Tracy, a former trucking company owner.

  • tom wolf

Tom Wolf (D)

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Before being elected governor in 2014, Tom Wolf served in state government under Democratic Governors Bob Casey (in economic development and urban schools) and Ed Rendell (Secretary of Revenue). Born in 1948 and raised in York County, Wolf received a BA from Dartmouth College, an MA from University of London and a PhD (in political science) from MIT, and volunteered in India for the Peace Corps before going into his family’s building-products distribution business, which he sold in 2015. Wolf and his wife, Frances, live in Mt. Wolf, PA. They have two grown daughters.

One big thing I've accomplished that voters should know about is...I’ve enacted the strongest executive branch ethics reforms in the country. I signed an executive order banning members of my administration from accepting gifts and ended pay-to-play in legal contracting. I publish my schedule publicly every day, do not accept a pension, and donate my salary to charity. 

I recently announced my Citizens First Ethics Reform Plan which will take these reforms even further by calling for a gift ban for all public officials, "No Budget, No Pay" legislation, campaign finance reform, and public official expense reform. I’m dedicated to continuing my commitment to building a government that works for everybody.

If elected, one thing I'd work tirelessly to achieve is...I will continue to work tirelessly to protect our citizens’ constitutional right to free and fair elections. Pennsylvania has been on the wrong side of voting rights reform for far too long, enacting policies that make voting more difficult, give special interests too much power, and make politicians less accountable to the people.

I recently proposed a 21st Century Voting Reform plan. This includes adopting same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, modernizing absentee ballots, campaign finance reform, and gerrymandering reform. If reelected, I will continue to advocate for voting reform to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to fair elections.

If elected, one thing I'd never vote for is...I will never vote for legislation that restricts Pennsylvanians’ access to free and fair elections. 

I have been steadfast in my opposition to partisan gerrymandering. I rejected a map proposed by Republicans that was unconstitutionally gerrymandered. As a result, the Court drew a new, fair map that Pennsylvanians have long deserved. 

Gerrymandering weakens citizen power, promotes gridlock and stifles meaningful reform. I will continue my opposition to any further attempts to subvert our democratic process. I have called for an independent redistricting commission, and I will not support legislation that puts more control in the hands of special interests.

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